Commentaries / Midrashim

Midrashim is the Hebrew word for Torah Commentaries.

The Midrashim is a resource for Torah based commentaries. These works are provided free of charge to assist believers in their search to understand and keep the Torah. NO MANS ZONE does not promote or endorse the teachings of any man or organization. They are provided here solely as a help or guide.

It is of importance that we understand that no teaching of man takes president over, or is superior to or supersedes the Scriptures. It is therefore, the responsibility of every believer to search out the Scriptures for their finality on every matter.

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Torah Commentaries

Utube (What is the Torah - Rabbi Kin)

Utube (How Do You Know the Torah is True: A Study in Comparative Religion - Rabbi Kelemen)

Utube (Rabbi Tovia Singer and Reverend Jim Cantelon Debate)

Utube (Hebrew/Torah is FRACTAL: The DNA of Creation - Rabbi Mordechai Kraft)

Utube (Shmita and the secret of the number Seven)

Utube ( Reincarnation - Rabbi Kin)

Utube (Hidden Treasures of the Bible - Chuck Missler?)

Utube (The Hebrew Language and Bible Codes - Chuck Missler)

Utube (Unversity Debate #1 Creation vs Evolution - Dr. Hovindy)

Utube (Learn How to Pray Tabernacle Prayer - Dr. David Yonggi Cho)

Utube (Notable Differences between the Masoretic and the Septuagint)

Utube (How Long Were The Israelites In Egypt?)

Utube (Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood?)


Utube (Deep Universe: Hubble's Universe Unfiltered)

Utube (How Far Away is it - The Milky Way)

Utube (How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think)

Utube (How NASA is answering the question: Are we alone? Shawn Domagal-Goldman TEDxMidAtlantic)

Utube (What's Wrong with Earth's Magnetic Field)

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