Mission / Shleehood

    Shleehood is the Hebrew word for a Mission.

    The Mission of No Mans Zone is the Torah of YHWH.



      NMZ was founded as a Ministry on the 70th Jubilee year 2009 the Jewish year 5769.

      We are the arm and ministry of Eliyahu ha Navi (Elijah the Prophet). The proprietor of NMZ is YHWH, the Melech (King) of the Olam (the Universe).

    The Purview of NMZ

    • Torah (The Hebrew Scriptures).
    • Brit Chadashah (The Renewed Covenant Scriptures).
    • Aliyah (The return to Yisra’el).
    • Kohanim (The restoration of the Priesthood).
    • Shekinah (The restoration of the Presence).
    • Mishkan Dawid (The rebuilding of the Tabernacle of David).
    • Yerushalem (The Restoration of Yerushalem).

    The Purpose and Mission of NMZ

    • NMZ Vision: To Prepare (Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 40:1-9; Yechezkel (Ezekiel) 37).
    • NMZ Mission: To Restore (Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 61; Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 31).
    • NMZ Goal: To Commission (Mattityahu (Matthew) 10:5-10; Marqus (Mark) 16:15-18).

    The Scope of NMZ

    • Non-Jewish
    • Non-Christian
    • Non-Islam
    • Non-Denominational
    • Non-Affiliated
    • Non-Profit
    • Non-Pagan

      We welcome all faiths and beliefs who desire Emet (Truth) and Binah (Understanding).

    The meaning of NMZ

    • The name is symbolic of the ministry of Eliyahu haNavi.
    • The name is connected to the kaballah (mystery) of YHWH’s name.
    • The name is connected to the Malakim (Angels).
    • The name is reflective of the zone where YHWH dwells Lo Ish Mekoma.
    • The name depicts the present Malchut (Kingdom) status of YHWH's Talmidim (Disciples).
    • The name is significant of the Torah of YHWH.
    • The name is indicative of the process of Aliyah (return) to Yisra’el.

    The Crescent of NMZ

    The meaning of the Mosaic of Hebrew letters:

      Yeshua taught that the way to the Malchut (Kingdom) of YHWH is through Teshuvah (Repentance). To enter the Malchut we must go through Mayim (Water). Water is the spiritual bridge between this Olam (World) and the Malchut haShamayim (the Kingdom of Heaven). Through Mikvah (Baptism) we enter the Malchut haShamayim and in His awesome Name YHWH we are saved. The final revelation and goal of this journey is the Eternal Supreme Elohim (The ForeFather) Who is the source and existence.



    The Mission of the Royal House of Elohim is the establishment of the Kingdom of YHWH on Earth.

    Our Mandate

    • The Royal House of Elohim is the House of the Royal Family of Elohim. It is the fulfillment of YHWH's word to establish the Royal House of His beloved, Melech Dawid before the great and terrible Day of Yom YHWH. (See Melechim Alef (First Kings) 11:38; Melech Dawid (Schmuel Bet (Second Samuel) 7:8-17; Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 9, 11, 32, 40, 60; Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 23:5, 33:17; Ahmos (Amos) 9:11-12).

    Our Residence

    • The Royal House of Elohim is the Divine Council’s official office and residence on Earth for this dispensation. We are not an Embassy or a Palace but the Home and Centre of the family of Elohim on Earth. We are a Sovereign State (to be ratified).

    Our Mission

    • This House oversees the mission of the four Messiahs. Ha-Mashiach (The Messiah), Ha-Navi (The Prophet), Ha-Kohen haGodal (The High Priest), Moreh haTzadik (The Righteous Teacher). The first family of Elohim and eternal members of the Divine Council are known to all religions by many names. Reverence and respect for the family are required of all councils, nations, and countries. Members of the Royal House of Elohim are chosen by YHWH. Servants of this House are selected according to their calling and purpose.

    Our Location

    • The headquarters of the Royal House of Elohim is located at Levili Apia Samoa. The Council chose this humble country because it is the place where the Foundation Stone of the Earth is located at Falelupo Savaii (See Enoch 18:1-2). From here YHWH measured the Earth and placed the gateway into the underworld where all souls are kept for regeneration. It is also the area of underwater refuge in the final judgment of Yom YHWH when time is complete. For this reason, the nation of Samoa holds diplomatic and preferred status in all world functions.

    Our Administration

    • The arm and administration of the Royal Family of Elohim are NOMANSZONE. The ministry of Eliyahu ha-Navi, the beloved friend and servant of YA. The Royal House of Elohim holds in trust the title deed of the Earth in the Name of Elohim. In the authority and power of the Divine Council, we manage and administer the Earth.

    Malchut Ha-Shamayim

    For further explanation of the Mission of the Royal House of Elohim, you will need to download a copy of the NMZ "Malchut Ha-Shamayim" which reveals and explains all aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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